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Zazen Flat Iron


Zazen Flat Iron / Hair Straightener

ZAZEN is one of the newest but fastest growing brands in the flat iron world. Zazen has been featured in some of the top beauty magazines like Canadian Hairdresser International and Clin d’oeil. Zazen is an up and coming brand, equipped with all the latest and best technologies for all your styling needs. At Flat Iron Experts we feel that Zazen might just be huge one day because they have great products, fairly priced and well marketed. We will see…


Rachel Littleford (4.5 out of 5)
I grew up with different brands of hairstyling products. I still remember that when I was seven years old, my grandpa asked me “Rachel, what do you want to be when you grow up?” and I said “I want to be a hairdresser just like you and mommy!” It’s funny how 13 years later I started my hairstyling journey in Ottawa, Ontario. Though it was an unconscious thought about being a stylist, I am glad that my parents are very supportive about my decision for this. I’ve always admire the fact that hairstylist has the ability to change styles and make others look more beautiful. This is like MAGIC to me.

Zazen’s Z- Focus Nano Silver Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron has what it takes to carry out my clients’ natural beauty. What I like most about it is the Nano-silver plates which helps sanitizes the hair and kill 99% of all bacteria for cleaner working environment for both me and my clients. The results are amazing, and it does not pull or snag the hair while you style. The Z-Focus heats up to 430°F within seconds and the LCD display allows you to see exact temperature which is also a plus. A coworker of mine recommended me this flat iron to me and I am loving it. This is truly one of the best flat iron.

Canadian International Hair Dresser ( Feb`09)

Canadian International Hair Dresser ( May`09)

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