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H&R Flat Iron

H&R is a product extension line of our best and most popular flat iron the KQC.  H&R products are focused for clients that are more cost conscious but want a product that works really well but don’t mind the brand name of the product.  H&R flat irons delivers high performance to help you achieve the look you desire. Flat Iron Experts rates H&R flat iron as the best budget flat iron; we tested it, sold a bunch of them and have never heard any complaint or get any returns.

H&R Flat Iron Review


Review by Josephine Morrison - Certified Professional Stylist

The story began like this, I have been using CHI flat irons for a long time now, it worked great for a long time but I felt that the product quality is not as great as before. My first CHI flat iron lasted 4-5 years and I was happy with that, then I bought the second one and it broke on me a month after the warranty expired. I used it for only 1 year and a bit and paid a good $250 on it. I was pissed and went to a local Beauty supplier and they recommended me the H&R flat iron.

I love this flat iron! there is nothing really fancy about it but it gets the job done. The Tourmaline Ceramic plates make the results so straight, it shines. H&R heats up to its max temperature at 410 in less than 30 seconds. The one feature that I love the most about this flat iron is the “Suspended Plate Technology” the plates suspends eliminating snagging or pulling of the hair. H&R Flat iron is economical and it really works, I sell it to all my clients and they love it. I recommend the H&R Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron with confidence.

Flat Iron Experts: Best Flat Iron

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