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FHI Flat Iron
As seen in: Audrey Magazine, American Salon, Essence, Modern Salon

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FHI Flat Iron

In 2003, FHI Heat Inc, entered into an exclusive partnership with the world's leading manufacturer of professional ceramic flat irons to create the "FHI Heat" brand of ceramic flat irons. Working with the top engineers and researchers in South Korea, FHI Heat has invested millions of dollars in R&D each year to pioneer the most advanced technologies in thermal styling tools. Since its production FHI Heat flat irons has quickly developed a reputation in the professional beauty industry for producing the most innovative and best-performing styling irons on the market.


FHI Heat Platform SE Flat Iron Review FHI Heat Platform SE 5 star review 4/5 stars

Reviewed By Julieanne Kaye- Certified Award Winning Professional Stylist

As a professional I need professional tools to get my job done, certainly not a commercial tool for me. As far as flat iron goes I need the best, the strongest, the most powerful, the quickest heat-up because there is a lot of time constraints to get our job done. There really is no margin for error, so definitely a professional tool. I have tried numerous brands of professional flat irons and in the end nothing compares to the FHI platform.

I love the FHI platform; it heats up fast that i don't even have time to get coffee. It's a great flat iron; it heats up right away, so efficient in my line of work. With adjustable heat up to 450F i can use it on any type of hair especially the super thick and curly type. And the results come out amazing, so silky, shiny and smooth. The best t hing about the FHI platform is it doesn't leave kinks in the hair like a lot of other professional flat irons. I recommend the FHI Heat Platform to everyone; you truly are getting a decent value with FHI Heat.

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