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Corioliss Flat Iron

I have tested and used a number of different flat irons, brands like CHI, HAI, Seduand the biggest rip off the GHD. In the end I love my Corioliss Pro V Red Leopard Flat Iron best, it heats up soooo fast and with adjustable heat up for 410°F, this flat iron can handle all types of hair from super thick curly hair to ultra thin straight hair. The iron is lightweight and the results are amazing. But most importantly, I can straighten all types of hair with one swipe, max 2, some of the older brands that I have use, I always have to keep running through the same spots over and over again wasting my precious time.

The best part of it is, this a dual voltage flat iron. I bring it on all my trips and the voltage is compatible worldwide! This is by far the best flat ironthat I have used; I would recommend this to everyone.

Corioliss was established in the UK (London, England) in 2002, and has been present in the US/CAN for several years. Corioliss is leading the beauty technology movement worldwide and is featured in leading industry publications and other magazines monthly like “People” and “Hair” magazine. In 2007 Corioliss was the official styling tool for Celebrity Big Brother. Also winning the “Hair” magazine award for “Innovation of the Year” and “Product you can’t live without” In 2006 & 2007.

Corioliss Pro Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron (1”) 4/5 stars

Reviewed By Audrey Gatino – Professional Stylist

Since I was a little girl, hair styling has always been my passion. I remember years ago when I used to style my Barbie’s hair, now I’m a salon owner in downtown Toronto. Time sure flies and every year a newer flat iron comes out all claiming they are the best and has the newest technologies. I can’t tell you which one is the best but I’ll share my personal experience with flat irons with you. I am extremely picky with the styling tools I use on myself and especially on my clients. I am not a brand shopper I go with what works. Even though I love my Corioliss Pro V Flat Iron, I hate Corioliss hair dryers they suck “Do not buy Corioliss hair dryers”.

Best of Corioliss flat irons by Flat Iron Experts

Flat Iron Experts: Best Flat Iron

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