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Dual Voltage Flat Iron

What's Dual / Universal Voltage Flat Iron?

They are simply flat irons that can be used anywhere around the world. Different country uses different voltage for their electrical system. Some examples are Asia, Europe, India, and Japan. If you were to use a regular flat iron in those places even with a Converter, there may still be a chance your flat iron will short-circuit or burn. And the manufacturer warranty does not cover personal mistakes. If you travel abroad often and want your hair straightened, we would recommend you to buy a DUAL VOLTAGE or UNIVERSAL VOLTAGE flat iron. Here's a list of regular-sized flat iron that is dual voltage or universal voltage.

Best Dual Voltage Flat Iron


Flat Iron Experts Certified

The best dual voltage flat iron would be the Corioliss Pro V Tourmaline Ceramic flat iron (1-1/2"), this model is the top-selling Corioliss flat iron. When you see Kiosk at your local mall, they are selling Corioliss flat irons. The Pro V is an upgraded version of their classic pro model, with infused tourmaline gemstone on the ceramic plate, so the flat iron gives off more negative ion and far-infrared heat. More negative ions and far-infrared means you will get shinier, smoother and faster results. One more important beneficial point is the fact it's made in Korea. It is only Corioliss flat iron that is made in Korea. Korean made flat irons are 2x more durable and two-times more reliable compared to Made in China flat iron. If you are looking for a dual voltage flat iron we would definitely recommend the Corioliss Pro V.

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