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We might call ourselves the Flat Iron Experts but we do know a thing or two about all types of hair and beauty products. Here are some of the Top 3 Best Hair Brushes that we recommend to you. These are not only quality product but they are beauty essentials that we feel every girls need to make their beauty routine complete. We recommend these products with confidence and we will also educate you on how to use these brushes and why they are so good.

Flat Iron Experts: Top 3 Best Hair Brushes

Best Thermal Round Brush
  Best Vent Brush   Best Paddle Brush

The Avanti Ultra Tourmaline Ceramic Thermal Round Brush (X-Large) is an all purpose brush for all your needs. This brush can do it all, from lifting, curling, straightening and it's amazing with a blow dryer because it's vented so it speeds up the hair drying process. This brush is also made of Tourmaline and Ceramic gemstones emitting a natural source of negative irons and far-infrared heat that will keep your hair shiny and healthy. Lightweight and a comfortable rubberized grip, this is for sure the #1 Recommended Hair Brush.

This brush is available in 4 sizes:
small / medium / large / XL


Like the round brush, the Babyliss Pro Ceramic Vent Brush is a very multi-function hair tool. It is recommend for all hair types, long, short, curly or thick. The vents allow the hot air to go right through meaning the hair will dry a lot faster because there is no air stoppage. Vent brushes are great before you flat iron your hair! This vent brush emits negative ions which is very beneficial to your hair. The Babyliss Ceramic Vent Brush is a very popular styling brush for the professional in the industry.


The Avanti Ultra Tourmaline Rectangular Cushion Paddle Brush is a quick once a day straightening brush. The main benefit of this brush is its wide surface, it is recommended for people with medium to long hair. A paddle brush is not so much a styling brush but a simple daily maintenance straightening brush. The ball-tipped bristle is very comfortable for the scalp and it is recommended that you brush your hair before flat ironing or curling your hair. This brush will make your life a lot easier.

This brush is available in 2 shapes:
rectangle / oval

Flat Iron Experts: Best Flat Iron

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