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Mi-Tuunz - World's First Flat Iron with MP3 Player built-in

Mi-Tuunz MP3 Flat Iron by Ceramkore

Listen to Music as You Style.

When Discussing Salon tools, many manufacturers have products that claimed to be made from true ceramic materials. These claims may be misleading. Quality, real ceramic products that you can trust are only available from Ceramkore. This company is the leading research and manufacturer of true ceramic heater and the world's first MP3 flat iron! With over 10 years of extensive research, Ceramkore have invented an advanced technology for producing unique, heater-based Nano Ceramic Technology, called Nano Grade Ceramic Heater or NCH.

Mi-Tuunz Flat Iron Review

5 Stars

Review by Sarah Parker- Professional Stylist / Owner (Victoria , B.C.)

I was approached by Flat Iron Experts last week at my salon, a very nice young lady approached me and asked me to participate in offering my opinion on a new product - an mp3 flat iron. I said "yes" right away, since I have never heard of mp3 flat iron before, and i was curious how it worked. The girl plugged the flat iron in and pressed play, then Lady Gaga song "Bad Romance" came on and I was really impressed by it's sound quality. For a built-in speaker of that size, the built-in speaker performed above and beyond my expectations. The volume buttons are located in an area,within the iron, that was unobtrusive. So you won't need to worry about pressing them by accident as you style. Mi-Tuunz music quality definitely gave me the cool "Wow" factor but as for hair straightener performance-wise, i was a bit skeptical.

At my salon, I personally use and retail HAI flat irons to my clients for years now and I have tested other flat iron brands as well. I tested the Mi-TUUNZ flat iron on my colleagues' thick curly hair and one swipe it was pin-straight. Then I tried doing some curls with the flat iron and the results were amazing also. I give Mi-Tuunz two thumbs way up; whoever made this flat iron is a genius. I bought one form the young lady right away and I show it off to all my clients and now they ALL want one too!.

*While Quantities Last

Watch Mi-Tuunz Flat Iron in Action! (1")

Curly Pigtails with Mi-Tuunz Tutorial I
An Mp3 Built into a Flat Iron! Tutorial II

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