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Mini Flat Iron / Travel Flat Irons:

Do not get fooled by these small six inch mini flat irons / travel flat irons. They are not just cute toys that you bring around your purse wherever you go just to show off something new and cute. Some Mini flat iron heats up as hot and as quickly as many regular sized flat irons. Although mini flat irons are often recommended to be used as a travel flat irons. In reality the performance of these mini flat iron are comparable to regular sized flat irons. You can straighten, flip and curl your hair the same way with a mini flat iron. The only drawback is because of its small plate it takes longer to do your hair, you have to do a small chunk at a time. Mini flat iron is awesome for touch-ups and works great on shorter hair. You can bring your travel flat irons wherever you go, they are all dual voltage meaning their voltage system will be compatible to all places around the world.

Flat iron experts recommend the KQC Mini Ceramic flat iron as the perfect travel flat iron. Its ceramic, quick heat up and alot lighter than other mini flat irons. If you plan to buy a Mini flat iron, we recommend you to buy a KQC Heat Resistant Thermal Pouch also because if you were to store your mini flat irons in your purse and bring it wherever you go for touch ups. It would be a great idea to have a Thermal Pouch if not you will have to wait awhile for your mini flat iron to cool down then you put it in your purse.

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