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Top 3 Best Hair Spray

Top 3 Best Hair Spray

Flat Iron Experts has been in the beauty business for over 8 years now, our namemight be Flat Iron Experts but we know a thing or two about all beauty products. Here are what we acknowledge are the top 3 best hair sprays in the hair industry today. These products are exceptional and it will give you the power to be in control of your hair. F.I.E. recommends these products with 100% confidence.

Top 3 Best Hair Spray

Flat Iron Experts: Top 3 Best Hair Spray

Best Hair Spray
  Best Hair Spray   Best Hair Spray

Top Best Hair Spray: White Sands Infinity Spray and Stuck Up Spray

White Sands
Stuck Up / Infinity Hair Spray

The White Sand Stuck Up Mega Hold and the White Sand Infinity Spray are both definitely the number one choice in professional hair spray. Comparing the quality of White Sand hairsprays to other top brands like CHI and Big Sexy it is simply no comparison. WS hairsprays genetic far surpass anything ever used before. It gives you maximum hold, volume, thermal intelligence and the ability to comb through the hair without flaking. If you are looking for holding power stronger hold go with Stuck Up and if you are looking for a lighter regular strength go with the Infinity Spray. FIE recommends White Sand Hairsprays with 100% confidence. Feel the Difference.


Best Hairspray: Bain De Terre Infinite Hold Flax Seed Hairspray

Bain De Terre
Infinite Hold Flax Seed Hair spray

The number two on our list is a more economical choice, the Bain de Terre Infinite Hold hair spray is an amazing hair spray that will simply get the job done. We feel that the holding power is not as great compared to the White Sand. But one plus about this product is the price point and the scent. I understand many of you might get the feeling that this may not be a great product but it really is but the White Sand really blows everything away. If you are looking for a product that simply works and is better than 95% of the hairspray out there at a price of $12.99 this is definitely your choice.


Top Best Hairspray: Diamond Shine Flexible Medium Hold Hair Spray

Diamond Shine
Flexible Medium Hold Hair Spray

The number 3 best hairspray on our list is definitely the Diamond Shine Flexible Hair Spray. Again what attracts me about this product is again the price point at $7.99, even cheaper than the Bain De Terre. The Diamond Shine product line is like the new kid on the block that is why the price point is still low, low price point does not equal to bad quality. The Diamond Shine would be more of a light to medium hold finishing spray. The holding power is not as great and it does not give the extra shine like the White Sands hairspray does but it is definitely a great product. It is just that at FIE we are extremely picky about our products and what we recommend is definitely better than any drugstore product you will find.

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