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KQC X-Heat Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron / Hair Straightener is featured in Youtube

KQC Flat Iron

KQC is the fastest growing manufacturer of electrical personal care appliances, from hair straighteners, hair dryers and curling irons. KQC products are made in the Korea; they are known to produce the best and most advanced ceramic / tourmaline heaters. KQC flat iron is #1 choice for professional in British Columbia and is expanding around the world. It delivers high performance product design to help you achieve salon finish at home. Flat Iron Experts rated KQC flat iron as the #1 best flat iron ; we recommend KQC flat irons with confidence.

KQC Flat Iron Review


Review by Van Hong- Certified Award Winning Professional Stylist

ďA good Flat iron is like your best friend, I am extremely picky about the quality of Hair Straightener that I use, since nowadays flat iron is one of the most used tools for a hairdresser. A good flat iron can straighten and curl with ease, whatever style I can imagine I know I can achieve it with the right flat iron. Over the years I have used and went through many different brands of flat irons. Iíve tried the Sedu, Solia, GHD, Babyliss, Hot Tools and countless others.

But seriously nothing can compare to the KQC X-Heat Ceramic Flat Iron. The KQC X-Heat is retailed at over $250 in hair salons; this isnít your typical drug store flat iron. Keep in mind that this is a tool that you will be using day in and day out. Nowadays upscale flat irons are getting harder and harder to differentiate. Ceramic Flat Iron? Tourmaline Flat Iron? Digital Flat Iron? Nano Ceramic Flat Iron? And of course there are hundreds of brands for you to choose from. How do you know which one is the right one for you? Like more Professional Flat irons today, KQC Flat Irons features Tourmaline-Ceramic plates that produce less damage causing friction then old metal ones. Tourmaline has been proven to generate negative ions which helps tame frizz and preserve moisture in hair. Plus it retains the color in color treated hair, leaving it incredibly vibrant with a healthy glow.

Compared to other Flat Irons KQCís X-Heatís "Ceramic Heater" heats up the plates much more evenly. If you need a hottest flat iron in terms of temperature I would recommend the KQC Turbo Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron. The KQC Turbo heats up to 450F in less than 30 seconds, I only recommend the KQC turbo for clients with thick or very curly hair, other than that the Original KQC X-Heat flat iron would be adequate. A lot of other companies advertised their flat iron claiming it reaches 410F, but in reality most lose their effectiveness after months. In Conclusion, KQC Flat Irons makes my life so much easier. This is the brand that I trust and I fully recommend this product to my customers and clients. Simply put, this is the best flat iron on the market right now. Iíve had this flat iron for 3 years now and itís still going strong!

Flat Iron Experts: Best Flat Iron

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